Bouchon visits FEAST

Last month, Bouchon’s Directeur Générale, Shannon McNally and Executive Chef, Austin Tisdale, visited the FEAST Garden and Cooking Program at Hall Fletcher Elementary school in Asheville.

The FEAST program is supervised by Summer Wheldon. The interactive program teaches children gardening and cooking, along with community involvement. Students learn about growing their own food, and how to prepare healthy recipes. Learning how to eat healthy, about nature and the ecosystem, teaches the students, and their families, to be healthier and better community members.

Summer invited Shannon and Austin to speak to the class about France and introduce a well-known French dish. Summer has been teaching her students about Europe, the different cultures and cuisines.

Speaking to around 30 children, the Bouchon team spoke about France, introduced them to crepes and demonstrated how to make them. “The kids were so enthused, over the moon excited. They were asking question after question” explained Shannon of her experience.

After showing the simple ingredients to make crepes, Austin began demonstrating his skill at flipping them in the pan. Austin summed it up this way, “Having three kids of my own, they see me cook all the time. This was great fun showing the students how easy it is to learn how to cook. The program is very inspiring, they are learning life-long skills.”

After the presentation, many students were saying they wanted to visit France during their next summer vacation, and of course, Bouchon. The FEAST program is opening new learning experiences for the students. In the end, it is difficult to say who had more fun and learned the most, the students or Shannon and Austin.