Bouchon Culture

French Cuisine and The Paris of the South

Une Grande Influence

Since Auguste Escoffier declared French cuisine the world’s finest in the early 20th century, the influence of the French kitchen has travelled the globe.  From Montréal to Morocco to Vietnam, you can tour the world and find French flavors.




Imported by Michel Baudouin

Michel started life in a 200-year-old farmhouse in France’s Rhône Valley. His affinity for fine food and wine comes naturally — his father, Emile, was the village’s premier amateur winemaker. Mother Antonia’s way with a roast duck had neighbors and friends “coincidentally” dropping by at dinner time every Sunday.

Le Chef

Michel’s successes in the restaurant business began over twenty years ago in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with honored restaurants Michel Restaurant and Le Chardonnay.  His passion for cooking is second only to his love of family, friends and Formula 1 Racing.

La Cuisine

Enjoy a meal from the mother country while in The Paris of the South!  From traditional French Comfort Food to Parisian café cuisine, our menu reflects our passion for classic French food paired with our passion for the finest fresh ingredients, so easily obtainable from our surroundings.


The Food.  The Service.  The Ambiance.  Welcome to Bouchon.