Did You Know?

Pop the Cork?  Jamais!

It’s great fun to duck flying corks and watch Champagne erupt from the bottle, but really, did you buy that bottle for the show? Let us show you how to get more in your glass. The way to open a bottle of Champagne is quietly as a whisper, or as the French say “pet de nonne” – a nun’s fart.  Isn’t saying “a nun’s fart” more fun than splashing Champagne?

Pas d’arrosage.

 In France, it’s against the law to water a vineyard.

Does this surprise you?  The flavors and textures of a vineyard’s wine vary each year due to climate changes.  Of course, some years are drier than others, but you won’t see watering systems in the French vineyards.  Michel explains it very simply, “Mother Nature needs to do her job.”