The Perfect Little Hideaway

What is L’Ecluse? In France, an ecluse is a river or canal lock. It’s also sometimes what the French call a drunk; “Quelle ecluse!”

Several years ago, Michel and his wife Vonciel traveled to France so he could share with her his idea for his first Asheville restaurant, The Grape Escape. They spent their days in vineyards, picnicking along the river, and generally tasting their way through the regions. When the time to head back to the states came, they packed their bags and headed to the airport… waiting in line for security they realized they were missing something: their passports!  So, they were given one more day in Paris. While they collected their passports and rescheduled their flights, they visited a quaint little wine bar called L’Ecluse. What was to be one glass of wine turned into an enjoyable three-hour, much needed, visit.